Waterdrop-shaped headgear/kigurumi
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Can you make Pikmin?

Waterdrop-shaped headgear/kigurumi

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This headgear has a cute silhouette with a pointy end and a bulge at the bottom!
Depending on how you arrange it, you can transform it into popular characters or even fruits such as strawberries and lemons!

Optional parts are free!

[Check the size before purchasing]

This is a guide for checking the size (printed on A4).
Download → Print (A4) → Please use according to your face.

Guide to find the size according to your face
[How to make/Recipe]

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サイズ / 寸法





・Cloth (see measurement)
・Sewing thread/thread of the same color as the fabric (for normal to thick fabrics)
・Loop fastener width 25mm x length 30mm
・Cotton approximately 260-300g

[Scale (required size of fabric)]
(This is the measurement when using the same fabric for all outer materials)

S size:
Outer material/vertical 55cm x horizontal 100cm
Lining/vertical 35cm x horizontal 60cm

M size:
Outer material/vertical 60cm x horizontal 110cm
Lining/vertical 35cm x horizontal 65cm

L size:
Outer material: length 60cm x width 115cm
Lining/vertical 40cm x horizontal 70cm


·sewing machine
・Cloth cutting scissors
・Paper cutting scissors
・Chaco pen (chaco paper)
・Gusset needle (temporary fixing clip)